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Mount Athos - First impression

Docheiario Monastery. One of the most imposing buildings of Mount Athos.

Every morning of every season, Ouranopolis port at Chalkidiki is crowded by men waiting for the ship that goes to Mount Athos. That's where the end of the "modern" world is; beyond this point there are no highways and no limos. Only narrow paths. The boat that leads to Daphne passes near desolate and peaceful coasts, like the ones that existed in the old times, without massive buildings and factory chimneys.

People passing by

Daphne's small port on Mount Athos.

Visitors laying eyes on the monasteries, their domes and chimneys for the very first time are engulfed by a feeling of familiarity. The same experience is also described by some photographers visiting Mount Athos for the first time. They feel, as they say, that some pictures pre-exist inside them, even before they shoot them.

From the small monastery docks where the boat is anchored, small groups of shaved and puzzled pilgrims are disembarking, while others -unshaved and rather distracted- are getting ready to leave the monasteries.

The boat does not only transport people, but also fruits and vegetables necessary for feeding the monks and the pilgrims.

Solitary routes

The worshipers begin their long walk on the mountain's paths from the small port of Daphne, holding a wooden cane and following the small red signs that show them the way through the forest. It is a long and lonely route, strongly bound to the monasteries. It also brings comfort to the pilgrim, as he looks at the monasteries coming into view, each one more beautiful than the one before it. On the way to the monasteries, the worshipers don't feel hungry, they're not in pain or afraid, even though there is not a soul in sight to help them in case of an emergency.


Pilgrims disembarking from the ship at St. Pantelaemon Monastery. Pilgrims disembarking from the ship at St. Pantelaemon Monastery.
Signs showing the paths. Signs showing the paths.
Pilgrims at Daphne's little port. Pilgrims at Daphne's little port.
Vatopedi Monastery offers very beautiful images. Vatopedi Monastery offers very beautiful images.


*Mandatory Fields


Oia, Santorini Island - The worship of the sun

Every afternoon, crowds from every corner of the earth are gathered at Oia in order to enjoy the sunset in the Aegean sea.

Katerinoscala, Pieria - Pilot leader of the pack

He owns a farm with 500 happy animals and birds. Their hearts are grateful to him and they love him dearly. He is a special kind of "king".

Eleusis, Attica - Surprisingly attractive

It has been brazenly contaminated by industrial pollution, but it managed to survive and now it even looks attractive.

Lycabettus, Athens - Red colour’s revolution

Whoever watches the sunset from Lycabettus of Athens will be surprised by the pictures he’s about to see.

Art-Athina 2016 - A modern art feast

The International Contemporary Art Fair “21st Art Athina” kicked off on the 26th of May and ended on the 29th.

Constantinople (Istanbul) - Zografeion Greek High School

The graduates of Zografeion are a Greek core of enormous cohesion that can never be broken. They withstand the persecutions, because they draw strength from one another.

Constantinople (Istanbul) - The Mass of Resurrection of Jesus at …

The Easter Eve Mass in the Greek Church of St. Mary of Blachernae is quite an authentic experience.

Alexandria, Egypt - Following Cavafy

Travelogue in Alexandria of Cavafy, at the places where this great Greek poet lived, created and died.