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Santorini Island - A feast at the edge of the crater

Saint Seven Children's chapel at the base of Santorini's volcano crater.

After each big wave, the passengers on the boat shouted: "Well done captain, may the Seven Children bless you". The captain, a young man, smiled awkwardly while holding the boat's wheel firmly in his capable hands. The turbulence didn't last for more than ten minutes and calmness returned when the boat entered the arc of the volcano’s caldera.

Only by boat

Playing music and singing 24 hours a day.Every year on the 4th of August in Santorini, those who want to worship at the Saint Seven Children's chapel have to pass this small test. Access to the small chapel, which almost seems as it has been nailed on caldera's base, can be gained only by a boat from Oias Amoudi's port. There is no other way for someone to get there, not even on foot, even if he is the best climber in the world.

In the cleft of the rock, which looms threateningly above, and under unbearable heat, violinists and lutists play and sing the songs of the islands. For 24 hours the music doesn’t stop and worshipers dance on the tiny beach in front of them. When the dancers have no space to dance, some of wade into the water and keep on dancing. The song and the relentless dancing drive the pilgrims to a state of ecstasy.

Bread and tomato croquettes

The dance never stops despite the unbearable heat.Hundreds of meters above the chapel, at the top of the rock, stand luxurious and exaggerated hotels. In the centre of the caldera some enormous cruise-ships offer their passengers luxurious but standardized vacations. On the other hand, at the feast of the Seven Children, which is not internationally known, music and endless dancing are offered in memory of the seven children sacrificed for their faith.

Visitors are also offered wine, bread and tomato croquettes, which taste heavenly in honor of the Seven Children. Don't ask for the croquettes’ recipe, because unless you take tomato seeds and volcanic soil from Santorini they will never taste the same.


People come and go to the chapel all day long. People come and go to the chapel all day long.
Inside the chapel. Inside the chapel.
Dancing even into the water. Dancing even into the water.
The pilgrims' children don't miss the opportunity to swim. The pilgrims' children don't miss the opportunity to swim.
On the boat approaching the Seven Children. On the boat approaching the Seven Children.


*Mandatory Fields


Archaeological Museum in Nicosia - Cyprus’ indisputable Greek roo…

It houses exhibits through which the Greek roots of Cyprus magically unfold. Fortunately, it survived the Turkish invasion in 1974.

Poros Island - Pine trees as far as the eye can see

Island of the Saronic Gulf full of pine trees, with traditional neoclassical houses and many easily accessible beaches.

Halki (Heybeliada) Theological School - Ready to operate

Even though has been closed for 46 whole years, since 1971, it is kept in perfect condition and is always ready for the great restart.

Nicosia, Cyprus - The last divided capital

A photo album of the Buffer Zone. Ghost homes, barbed wire, outposts and fortification. It’s like time stood still since 1974 and not even a day has gone by.

Thessaloniki - At the arcades after sunset

When the sun sets, the arcades around Aristotelous Square are almost deserted and look like a nostalgic old dark "labyrinth".

Ioulida, Kea Island - Like an eagle’s nest on the rocks

The densely built houses with the tile roofs on the top of the mountain compose a rare architectural ensemble.

Dimitsana, Gortynia - A miracle on Mount Mainalon

Wherever one stands, he or she can see wild mountains and running water. In the morning, visitors are awoken by sheep bells and the sound of axes splitting wood in half.

Kos Island - A natural paradise with a rich history

An island with a big history, untouched natural environment, vast beaches and great sights, such as the Asclepieion of Hippocrates.