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Evros river - An islet shared by three countries


Evros river has some islets, the most important of which is "Islet A", which is near Dikea and is divided among Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. In the middle of the islet there is the "tri-national", which is the point where the borders of the three countries meet. This is marked by a concrete triangular pyramid, one meter high, on the sides of which the three flags are painted. The islet covers an area of 340 acres, 170 of which belong to Turkey, 85 to Greece and 85 to Bulgaria.

Soldiers only

Access to the tri-national is only allowed to military officers, who arrive there by floating military means. Even though there has never occurred any border incident at that point, soldiers don't even think of being unarmed during their patrols, or not taking the security measures provided by the regulations.

The image of the armoured soldiers into the islet's voluminous vegetation that seems to be tropical, is really impressive. Sometimes, they jokingly tell each other: "Let's go on patrol in Vietnam", implying not only the dense vegetation and the river's green waters reminding of countries of the Far East, but also because at nights when mosquitoes fall like a cloud on everything that's breathing, a real war between the soldiers and the insects takes place.

Despite the difficult conditions, most of the soldiers at the area have happy faces. Most of them are next door guys, who are taking over an important mission for the first time in their lives.

Here they can see the border, they look at the opposite side and understand what their part is. They also forge their relationships and make long-lasting friendships.

Earthly paradise

Experiencing the river at Evros is also a great profit for the soldiers, as it is an earthly paradise,5ba real shelter for animals, birds and plants.

There are soldiers coming from the urban areas, who have never seen eagles, pelicans, snakes or badgers before.

Watches and patrols may tire them, but they are being rewarded with magical images.


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*Mandatory Fields


Lavrio, Attica - An endless art studio

After Lavrio was de-industrialized, the factories were left abandoned. However, this picture of destruction, created over time, is unexpectedly attractive.

The Temple of Poseidon, Sounio - A background of endless blue

The view from the temple is breathtaking. From hear, Theseus began his journey to Crete in order to kill the Minotaur. From hear also, his father, Aegeus, fell to his death from the cliffs thinking his son had been killed. In honor of the fallen king the sea was named the Aegean.

Tegea, Arcadia - An amazing Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Tegea houses ancient Greek treasures of immense beauty, which are presented in a masterful way. Touring the museum is an almost mystic experience.

Ritsona, Euboea - The heart aches when you play the ney

He makes a reed musical instrument called the ney. The instrument produces a warm and hoarse sound. The ney has its roots in the Near East and gives Greek traditional music a special quality.

Art-Athina 2016 - A modern art feast

The International Contemporary Art Fair “21st Art Athina” kicked off on the 26th of May and ended on the 29th.

Athens dusk - A revolution of colours

Whoever watches the sunset from Lycabettus of Athens will be surprised by the pictures he’s about to see.

Evros river - An islet shared by three countries

The image of the armoured soldiers into the islet's voluminous vegetation is impressive. They jokingly tell each other: "Let's go on patrol in Vietnam".

Constantinople (Istanbul) - Where is the king sleeping?

A exciting tour in Constantinople to investigate credible information regarding the burial ground of the last Byzantine emperor Constantine Palaiologos. The information we gathered is astounding!