Tag: Customs

  • Thessaloniki - Christmas are more glamorous this year

    60 thessaloniki pio lampera fetos ta xristougenna

  • Amari, Rethymnon, Crete - Small feast under the locust tree


    Into the vast olive grove of Amari in Rethymnon and near the small village Saint Paraskevi, there is a two-aisled stone chapel dedicated to the Transfiguration and to Saint Raphael. Twice a year, on the 6th of August and on the third day of Easter, worshipers from the nearby villages visit it in order to enliven it. It took them seven years to build it by themselves, offering their work and many building materials. It is being kept very clean and they take care of it more than they do with their own homes.

  • Santorini Island - A feast at the edge of the crater

    Saint Seven Children's chapel at the base of Santorini's volcano crater.

    After each big wave, the passengers on the boat shouted: "Well done captain, may the Seven Children bless you". The captain, a young man, smiled awkwardly while holding the boat's wheel firmly in his capable hands. The turbulence didn't last for more than ten minutes and calmness returned when the boat entered the arc of the volcano’s caldera.

  • Crete - Sheep shearing

    They're telling jokes and laughing while shearing the sheep.

    In Crete’s "economy of the mountains", sheep shearing and wool production for weaving has played an important role ever since the Minoan era. This can easily be seen on signs at the palace of Knossos. Breeders used to wait till summer to shear their sheep and obtain the precious wool, which was used to make the family’s clothes, coverlets and their daughters trousseau’s.

  • Trieste, Italy - Epiphany with the Greek community

    After the dive in the frozen waters, a great moral reward awaits the swimmer. (Photos: Greek Institution of Culture of Italy)

    Every year, the Greek Community of Trieste celebrates the Epiphany in great splendor. In the morning, the Greeks gather at the church of Saint Nicholas, which is on the coastal avenue, in order to watch the liturgy. Then they walk together to the port's pier, where they throw the cross in the sea and bless the waters.

  • Raki (tsikoudia) - Cretan spirit

    Raki is being produced by the use of very old methods, without the help of any modern device or technology.

    When you knock on someone's door in Crete a smiling face comes into sight saying: "Welcome, have some raki". Offering raki is like an invitation to a more intimate approach and communication among people. Especially people who take part to the production “ritual” of the drink reach high levels of comradeship.

  • Kallikrates, Sfakia, Crete - Invited to the blowout of the sheep's tonsure

    They helped him with the sheep's tonsure and he offers them a rich meal.

    A century ago, Kallikrates, a mountainous village in the Sfakia province, used to have 500 residents; today only seven people live there - the members of the breeder Manolis Manouselis's family. The only child of the village is his little son who goes to school in the nearby village called Myriokefalos.

  • Leonidio, Kynouria, Arcadia - Aubergine feast

    Cooks specialise in cooking aubergines in Tsakonia.

    At the end of August, the aubergine feast takes place at Leonidio, where more than a ton of aubergines are prepared in countless variations. The night of the feast the best food receives prizes by the judges and afterwards there are festivities. Eating and drinking until dawn is a just part of the traditional feast.

    Thousands of native and foreign visitors pass in front of the long tables, where there are hundreds of pans and pots, and try a great variety of aubergine recipes. The elegant and imaginative women of Leonidio, with their intense personalities, are the stars of the day. 

  • Alimpista, Aetoloakarnania - Morning feast of the Trinity

    The feast begins early in the morning, just like the ancient inhabitants of Aetoloakarnania used to do to celebrate the sun

    On the day of the Holy Spirit a morning feast takes place in Alimpista, a mountainous village of Aetoloakarnania, inhabited by only two families. Even though the road from the nearest town Thermo to Alimpista is not in good condition, the space in front of the Trinity church is full of cars. After the church service hundreds of people queue in front of the meat vendor for grilled lamb. Many visitors bring pies, cheese and other foods from their homes.