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  • Kifissia, Athens - He sings about the achievements of Kolokotronis

    Father Chris Kyriakopoulos is a great musician.

    "The songs about Kolokotronis touched my soul without me noticing it. Everyone used to sing in my village and in my home too. My mother used to say: In the evening we'll go visit your uncle and you can sing for us. I’ll pay you five cents for your performance. If my silence and embarrassment didn't go away she would tell me again: You better sing, otherwise I will have to give you ten cents".

  • Santorini Island - Fisherman and lutanist

    He often plays the lute on his boat and his son Antonis accompanies him with his violin.

    "I don't fear the sea at all and the possibility of me drowning never crosses my mind. Whenever I can't see the sea, even from afar, I feel afraid and think I'm dying. I was once taken to Panagia Sumela church inMacedoniaa and I hardly managed not to go crazy in the mountains. I suppose that Holy Mary saved me".

  • Amari, Rethymnon, Crete - First the voice and then the lyre

    His name will someday be written in capital letters in the musical history of Crete.

    Ever since he was a child, lyre player Manolis Diamantakis, from Fourfouras village of Amari, Rethymnon, had an inclination to music. The only problem was that he had neither a lyre nor a bow. In the beginning, he made a makeshift lyre out of pear tree wood, with strings made of leather straps. He used horsetail hairs for the bow and struggled to play.

  • Santorini Island - He enchants with his violin

    He carries his violin with him even when fishing.

    “I play music many hours a day. I start in the morning with the violin and then I go on with the piano. During the summer I stop for a while to swim and then I play the violin again”. Antonis Prekas from Emporio of Santorini is the son of the famous lute player Kyriakos and the grandson of the great violinist Antonis.

  • Thessaloniki - Blues is the truth

    Their concerts are unique.

    "I used to be naive and romantic. I thought that through music I would be able to share the pain and the joy with my friends, but I was disappointed. Some people use music as a weapon and they fight amongst themselves. We don’t want any part of this. We close our eyes and sing, not looking at the cameras when they turn towards us".

  • Elati, Gortynia - He sings rare songs about Theodoros Kolokotronis

    He sings some rare songs about Theodoros Kolokotronis, which have never been recorded in vinyl discs.

    Into the deep fir forest of Maenalus, which looks like a jungle, there's the small village called Elati. One of the ten residents left in the village, is Leonidas Zafeiropoulos, the man who has raised a flag portraying Theodoros Kolokotronis at the entrance of his shop.

  • Constantinople (Istanbul) - We are the salt of the City

     Turks learning Greek dances. There is a great interest about Greek arts in Constantinople.

    "I was born the year the Turks invaded Cyprus. It was all black back then. I grew up in my father's grocery store on Imvros, among spices, dried red peppers and okras threaded on small ropes. I kept my Greek nationality". Musician Stelios Berberis came to Greece in order to study economics and learn traditional music under Domna Samiou. When he finished his studies he came back to Constantinople.