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  • University of Athens - Neoclassical Greek magic

    67 panepistimio athinon neoklasiki elliniki mageia

  • Kifissia, Athens - He sings about the achievements of Kolokotronis

    Father Chris Kyriakopoulos is a great musician.

    "The songs about Kolokotronis touched my soul without me noticing it. Everyone used to sing in my village and in my home too. My mother used to say: In the evening we'll go visit your uncle and you can sing for us. I’ll pay you five cents for your performance. If my silence and embarrassment didn't go away she would tell me again: You better sing, otherwise I will have to give you ten cents".

  • Plaka, Athens - All time classic Greek architecture

    66 plaka athinas athanati elliniki arxitektoniki

  • Lycabettus Hill, Athens - The sky in the foreground

    63 lykavittos athinas o ouranos se proto plano

  • The protest in Athens for the use of the name Macedonia - A different approach

    Families with babies in their prams and elderly Greeks, who moved with difficulty, participated in the protest. It was an “amateur” civilian mobilization, with no political ties. Most of the participants had never been to a similar protest. The Macedonian issue, however, moved them and feelings bubbled momentarily to the surface. Even though most of the participants were conservatives, they listened to celebrated “Zorba The Greek” composer Mikis Theodorakis’ address stunned in awe. They sang his songs. And this giant figure of the Left stirred up emotions for these pure conservatives and taught them about national reconciliation.

  • Athens dusk - A revolution of colours


    If someone goes to Lycabettus right after the sunset, he'll be surprised by the pictures he will see. As darkness spreads the impersonal buildings of Athens disappear and the eye goes up to the sky which is set on fire by the colours. The only human creation one can see there is the silhouette of Acropolis.

  • Plaka, Athens - Simple Greek architecture

    58 plaka athinas aperitti neoklassiki arxitektoniki

  • Panormos, Sounio - The sweetest time

    51 panormos souniou i pio glykia ora

  • Plaka, Athens - Tiny littly terrace in Anafiotika

    49 plaka athinas taratsa miniatoura sta anafiotika

  • Faliro, Athens - The zenith of art

    48 palaio faliro apotheosi tis texnis

  • Art Athina 2017 - The striking International Contemporary Art Fair

    The “Art Athina 2017” International Contemporary Art Fair took place at the Tae Kwon Do Hall at Faliro from the 25th to the 28th of May. This fair is an annual event in Athens and is highly anticipated by many. The artwork presented in this article is just a small sample of what was showcased and in random order. Photographs don’t do the artwork justice as the pictures were taken with non-specialized equipment, during a tour of the fair.

  • Athens - Like a shadow play

    47 athina san theatro skion

  • Athens- They are optimistic and are staying in Greece


    So many young scientists are abandoning Greece for a better future abroad that it is actually newsworthy when Greeks decide to stay and invest in their homeland.

  • Athens - The lights of religion

    Plaka of Athens - The flames of religion

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  • Athens - When the lights switch on

    29 athina molis anavoun ta fota

  • The Acropolis Museum - The magic of ancient Greek art

    The Acropolis Museum is amongst the most modern in the world. It has a weird energy, which can be accredited to the immense beauty of the statues. The most beautiful statues of all times stand one beside the other and enchant the visitors. The Greeks visit the museum with their children. Classic ancient art is part of everyday life for Athenians. The huge glass surfaces of the building let plenty of light in regardless if it’s winter of summer. Sundays at the museum strongly resemble old-style celebrations. Crowds of visitors’ flock to the museum; a tight squeeze, but a wondrous one.

  • Athens - A magical cultural center

    Thousands of people visited the brand new Stavros Niarhos Cultural Center and were literally enchanted.

  • Art-Athina 2016 - A modern art feast

    The roomy exhibition space of the Tae Kwon Do stadium, situated in Paleo Faliro.

    The International Contemporary Art Fair “21st Art Athina” kicked off on the 26th of May and ended on the 29th. The fair is an annual event and every year, it is a little bit more successful than the last. It was organized for the first time by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association in 1993 and since then it has been steadily helping contemporary art gain more fans in Greece.

  • Athens - Papadiamantis's den

    Nephon used to accommodate Papadiamantis into this dark den for some years.Writer Alexandros Papadiamantis lived in Athens for a big part of his life, under great poverty conditions. He used to live in rented rooms inside the yard, where other families were being housed too. His residence conditions were so bad, that one night he almost got killed when an old house's roof at 18 Aristofanous Street collapsed because of the rain.

  • Athens - Penteli Mount bloomed

    Athens - Penteli Mount bloomed

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  • Athens - Acrobatics in Mount Penteli

    Athens - Acrobatics in Mount Penteli

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  • Athens - The onslaught of the indignant Greeks

    Athens - The onslaught of the indignant Greeks

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  • Athens - Travelogue from the square of the indignant Greeks

    The indignant Greeks are passionately denouncing political incompetence.The indignant Greeks of Syntagma square in Athens are divided into two categories. The only relationship between them is their opposition to the Memorandum's economic policy and the unsound Greek political system. The first and the most multitudinous group are being gathered at the upper frieze in front of the parliament's building and the second one at the lower space of the square.

  • Ilion, Athens - Fighting the mental difficulties

    The operational intelligence of the students is being improved by the right kind of education.

    "I went to Theotokos (Mother of God) school for mentally challenged children. That's where I finished primary school and took some bookbinding courses. I also learned how to be consistent in my work and cooperate well with my colleagues. After that, I worked in a state institution library as an intern and they permanently hired me as an employee. Since then I have always had the people from Theotokos school by my side. These people help me solve the problems I have at work, but also in my personal life. I would like to tell you how much my life has changed since I started working. I have my own money and I am able to choose what I'm going to use it for. I have my friends and I see them when I have some spare time. I do things and I live like everyone else. I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to get a job. This way I managed to prove that I can make it".

  • Athens - Bending the light

    He handles the light being focused on subtle details.

    “I woke up one morning and found a small camera next to my pillow, a gift from my uncle who was a photographer. I immediately went out and took photos of the neighbourhood. I remembered that film is light-sensitive, so I entered a closet and unfolded it, thinking that this way I will get to see the pictures. But I wasn’t able to see in the dark so I opened the closet's door a little, but still I couldn’t make them out. Completely disappointed, I headed to the neighbourhood photographer, in Heraklion of Crete. I showed him the unfolded film but instead of photos he 'treated' me to a rude gesture. He teased me relentlessly for years, even more so when I became a known photographer”.

  • Athens - Communication with the olive tree

    She adores the olive tree because it is a hard and not easily harnessed kind of wood.

    "Since I was a child, olive trees used to remind me of ancient crowns. It was a long time untyil 2004, when on the occasion of the Olympic Games, the Academy of Athens asked me to make two wedding wreaths out of olive branches. They wanted to expose them in the "In Praise of the Olive" exhibition which connected the olive tree to birth, marriage and death".

  • Vrilissia, Athens - Old style threads and wool store

    Always kind and helpful.

    "A man once came to rent our store and told us: I'm going to make it into a café, it will be modern, I'll even put some marble. I'm going to rent it for two million drachmas. But we didn't accept. We have owned the store since 1947 and we are emotionally attached to it. Besides, if we left it what would we do to pass the time?"

  • Easter through the eyes of a child

    Night of Holy Friday in the chapel of the Holy Grave at Plaka of Athens.

    When we were children, we longed for Easter to come. A big part of our lives, even many of our games, had to do with Christ and the Church. We thought that Jesus was actually crucified every Holy Friday and we used to get really sad about it. We were innocent and we used to think with our hearts, not our minds. We were not concerned about time and we used to enjoy life as a gift from God.

  • Halandri, Athens - Twelve hundred articles about Kolokotronis


    "I never accepted any payment for my work from a journal or any other printed material. It is unthinkable for me to get paid for writing about Theodoros Kolokotronis”. Nick Papageorgiou spent 30 consecutive years writing about incidents from Kolokotronis's life in the local newspaper "Gortynia". Papageorgiou, a self-taught historian and journalist has written 1,200 short stories about the so called ‘Old Man of the Morea’ to date.

  • Mimis Domazos - Fuelling our dreams

    Typical confrontation in the court.

    "I used to think I would never stop playing football. Even as a player for Panathinaikos I used to play in the streets every morning and in the championship court in the evenings. My mind used to get more tired than my feet did. I had to be skilful, pass to Antoniadis, and avoid the strikes. When I returned home after the match I had to be left alone for about an hour, so that my mind could get some rest".

  • Kessariani, Athens - Taming titanium

    She spends at least forty hours of hard work to make a jewel out of titanium.

    "Some time ago I was introduced to a 70year-old woman. When she held my hand she said: What is this ring that you're wearing? I like it very much. Would you wear a ring like that? I asked her. Definitely yes, she answered. Old women usually wear brilliants and golden jewels, but she had a strong personality and was attracted by the titanium ring".

  • Athens - The colours of Faith

     The hagiographer's palette, that turns blank walls into Saints' memorials.

    "The priest in my village, Plikati of Ioannina, used to paint icons. I made a Virgin Mary with his help, which I later showed to my hagiography teacher Nikos Stratoulis, in Athens. When he saw it he asked me: What do you want to be, a painter or a hagiographer? I was confused; I didn't know what to answer. What if he didn’t like my answer and told me to take a hike? I told him that I wanted to become a hagiographer in order to please him. He looked at me with a satisfied look and told me: Come again on Monday and wear some old trousers, so you don’t get dirty on the scaffold. Who knows where I would be now, if I had told him I want to be a painter".

  • Vrilissia, Athens - Dancing with the ball

    Vrilissia of Attica - Dancing with the ball

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