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  • The protest in Athens for the use of the name Macedonia - A different approach

    Families with babies in their prams and elderly Greeks, who moved with difficulty, participated in the protest. It was an “amateur” civilian mobilization, with no political ties. Most of the participants had never been to a similar protest. The Macedonian issue, however, moved them and feelings bubbled momentarily to the surface. Even though most of the participants were conservatives, they listened to celebrated “Zorba The Greek” composer Mikis Theodorakis’ address stunned in awe. They sang his songs. And this giant figure of the Left stirred up emotions for these pure conservatives and taught them about national reconciliation.

  • Athens- They are optimistic and are staying in Greece


    So many young scientists are abandoning Greece for a better future abroad that it is actually newsworthy when Greeks decide to stay and invest in their homeland.

  • Volunteer Action Team of Pieria - Evolving into a powerful movement

    Despite the fatigue due of distributing a hundred tons of potatoes, the team morale thrives.

    "We first thought of starting the Volunteer Team in 2007, after the summer fires in the Peloponnese. After a while we created a team of voluntary fire protection, to keep an eye on the forests and inform the Fire Department if we saw a fire. That's how our idea came to life and we decided to name it: I give my day to the forest".

  • Arcadia - Addicted to adrenaline and rescuing

    They practice hard under very difficult circumstances and they don't care about the dangers.

    "We created our rescue team in 2001, intending to help people in danger. Our first mission was a winter night patrol on Maenalus Mountain. We were driving slowly in the mountain's snowy streets with one of our fellows' car, looking for people trapped in the snow".

  • Perama, Piraeus - Hard day work

    Perama of Piraeus - Hard day work

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  • Athens - The onslaught of the indignant Greeks

    Athens - The onslaught of the indignant Greeks

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  • Athens - Travelogue from the square of the indignant Greeks

    The indignant Greeks are passionately denouncing political incompetence.The indignant Greeks of Syntagma square in Athens are divided into two categories. The only relationship between them is their opposition to the Memorandum's economic policy and the unsound Greek political system. The first and the most multitudinous group are being gathered at the upper frieze in front of the parliament's building and the second one at the lower space of the square.

  • Raki (tsikoudia) - Cretan spirit

    Raki is being produced by the use of very old methods, without the help of any modern device or technology.

    When you knock on someone's door in Crete a smiling face comes into sight saying: "Welcome, have some raki". Offering raki is like an invitation to a more intimate approach and communication among people. Especially people who take part to the production “ritual” of the drink reach high levels of comradeship.

  • Ilion, Athens - Fighting the mental difficulties

    The operational intelligence of the students is being improved by the right kind of education.

    "I went to Theotokos (Mother of God) school for mentally challenged children. That's where I finished primary school and took some bookbinding courses. I also learned how to be consistent in my work and cooperate well with my colleagues. After that, I worked in a state institution library as an intern and they permanently hired me as an employee. Since then I have always had the people from Theotokos school by my side. These people help me solve the problems I have at work, but also in my personal life. I would like to tell you how much my life has changed since I started working. I have my own money and I am able to choose what I'm going to use it for. I have my friends and I see them when I have some spare time. I do things and I live like everyone else. I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to get a job. This way I managed to prove that I can make it".

  • Shipbuilding zone at Perama, Piraeus - Ships passing in the distance

    One of the very few big shipbuilding projects in progress.

    "Was it not for the protection of our trade unions, we would have surely died. Our job has nothing to do with being a civil servant. We dislike unions, like ADEDY, which opened their doors to the corrupt political parties and allowed them to destroy the labor movement".

  • Crete - Τhe unwritten codes of being a man

     They have a penetrative and exploratory look.

    Traditional Cretans often go around their business as if they were posing or trying to enhance their masculinity through their roots. That's why they wear "stivania" (leather Cretan boots), turbans and black shirts, which are considered tokens of their Cretan character.

  • Olympus - German hikers comment on the Greeks

    The view of Pieria’s plain from mount Olympus is breathtaking for the climbers.

    "Based on Greek mythology and the ancient statues we thought that Greeks would be thin and fit, but instead we saw many overweight people and especially children. We were impressed by the beauty of the Greek women, but they would be much more beautiful if they controlled their weight".