Tag: England

  • Docklands, London - The kingdom of reflections

    The heart of the building complex of the Docklands in London as it is being mirrored on the waters of the Thames River.

    The overwhelming architecture of the London Docklands outshines the people and makes them seem tiny and even nonexistent. Despite the thousands of people moving and working between the glass buildings, the spaces look empty and there is a sense of solitude and desolation.

  • Brighton, England - Deep haze

    It is two o'clock at noon and it's already dark in Brighton of England. The humidity and the cold of the winter pierce the bones, while the waves sound unworldly and threatening.

  • Autumn in London

    The fallen leaves look like a thick carpet on London's sidewalks.

    By the end of August, the parks and the sidewalks in London look like a yellow sea of fallen leaves. Autumn abruptly invades England. In a flash, the shinning sun is hidden by clouds and it starts raining. The clouds disappear and the sun comes out again, and images go from grey and black to colorful in a blink of an eye.

  • London - Photographing the newly married

    A newlywed couple being photographed at Richmond Park.

    On a hill in Richmond, a luxurious suburb of southwest London, many newlyweds gather every Sunday morning to get photographed. Their pictures aren’t only taken by professional photographers, but also by countless tourists passing by, who find the scenes rather picturesque. Richmond is a tourist magnet. Thousands of visitors flock there to see the famous park where deer run free.

  • London - Reflections on Thames

    The metal buildings of Docklands in London look dreamy when they're mirrored on the waters of Thames. However, they are the cold headquarters of global capitalism.

  • London - The world's largest park

    Thousands of deer live in the park for ages.

    Richmond Park in southwest London is the largest and best organised park in the world. It is vast, spreading over an area of 10,200 acres, and it's been untouched for ages, as no human intervention has been allowed. It was first enclosed in 1637, whereas many of the trees that stand until today were planted 500-600 years ago.

  • London - The park capital of the world

    London is filled with vast parks and meadows. No one has ever dreamed of infringing them or profiting at the expense of the environment and its residents' quality of life. It is the only city of the modern world where people can come in direct contact with wildlife. Deer, squirrels and foxes roam about neighborhoods and are comfortable enough to be handfed by people.