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  • Eleusis, Attica - Unearthly sceneries

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  • Eleusis, Attica - Surprisingly attractive

    The port of Eleusis has been upgraded and it is very beautiful.

    Eleusis used to be a small fisherman's village in 1860. The first industry founded in 1875 was the soap industry of the Charilaou brothers, from Galatsi of Romania. After almost 20 years, one of the two brothers, who had studied chemistry in France and in Germany, consorted with Nicholas Kanellopoulos, also a chemist, and their soap production reached 600.000 tones. It was then when the well-known "Eleusis Soap" was introduced to the market and competed with the French soaps on even terms.

  • Eleusis, Attica - Landscape in the haze

    Eleusis of Attica - Landscape in the haze

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  • Eleusis, Attica - Greece has been always inside me

    Amateur fishermen spending their time fishing in Eleusis

    "One of the many reasons why I love Greece is the sea. It's a pity that my motherland Armenia doesn't have seas. I enjoy fishing on Sundays; it's more like a hobby to me. I don't see why I should stay at home. When I do it, I find myself running errands for the women."