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  • Kea - One of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades

    56 tzia ena apo ta omorfotera kykladonisia

  • Kea Island - House stream

    Kea of Kyklades - House stream

  • Ioulida, Kea Island - Like an eagle’s nest on the rocks

    Ioulida, the capital of Kea Island, looks like an eagle’s nest on the top of the mountain. The densely built houses with shingle roofs compose a rare architectural ensemble that looks like a painting. Amongst the houses, a labyrinth of paved side-streets lead to the beautiful square of the Town Hall. No matter where you stand in Ioulida, the sea can always be seen at a distance -like looking out of an airplane window.

  • Ellinika, Kea Island - He gives life to their solitude

    He loves all animals without exception.

    “My school is not here, it’s in another village called Kato Meria. It’s 3-seated and has 19 children. We have three teachers, Mrs. Effie, Mrs. Zapheiroula and Mrs. Dionysia, the headmistress. My village has no other children except for me and my sister, whom I can’t stand because she’s really young and keeps screaming”.