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  • Thessaloniki - At the arcades after sunset

    When the sun sets, the arcades around Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki are almost deserted. One by one, the shops close and only the tavernas remain open. The old and the new coexist harmoniously in Thessaloniki, just a couple of meters apart.

  • Thessaloniki - Christmas are more glamorous this year

    60 thessaloniki pio lampera fetos ta xristougenna

  • Thessaloniki Seafront - Vast and peaceful

    The seafront of Thessaloniki is vast and viewed as a relaxing haven for residents and visitors. The inland of the city is modern and lively, yet the beach remains peaceful and seems unchanged over time. Those who have lived in Thessaloniki even for a couple of years always fondly recall their walks on the seafront.

  • Thessaloniki - Blues is the truth

    Their concerts are unique.

    "I used to be naive and romantic. I thought that through music I would be able to share the pain and the joy with my friends, but I was disappointed. Some people use music as a weapon and they fight amongst themselves. We don’t want any part of this. We close our eyes and sing, not looking at the cameras when they turn towards us".

  • Estuary of Loudias river - Mussels with crumb

    Theodore Photopoulos pulls up the mussels and cleans them from the seaweed.

    "Mussels are sensitive to temperature change. The heat kills them and the cold delays their growth. The 'kokoretsia' (the rope where the mussels are grown) must reach the bottom of the seabed, so that crabs can go up and eat the spawn that covers the mussels and clean them. Crabs weigh over 400 grams and have claws that can cut a whole fish in the middle".