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  • Nomikiana, Sfakia, Crete - Rebel priest

    Strong- willed, courageous and with a child-like innocence.

    "How stupid can those who govern us be? They've ruined this country. It pains me to say it but unfortunately that's the truth. We are importing most of our products from other countries, while the local produce remains unsold. Even in Loutro of Sfakia, a very small village only accessible by boat, imports its honey from Argentina".

  • Fragkocastelo, Chania, Crete - Legends and majestic beaches

    Fragkocastelo is a small, sparsely populated settlement at the south of Chania county and home to an impressive Frankish castle. The White Mountains are behind it and the Libyan Sea lies at its feet. The beaches are vast and give the impression of being tropical. From time to time, locals report strange optical phenomena, such as seeing riders moving along the side of the castle. Some say these are reflections from the African coast and others believe they are just optical illusion caused by humidity.

  • Fragkokastelo, Sfakia, Crete - Overlooking the Libyan Sea

    Fragkokastelo of Sfakia - Overlooking the Libyan Sea

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  • Vouvas, Sfakia, Crete - He writes under the shadow of the White Mountains

    He writes about the history of Sfakia and its people under a mulberry tree.

    "I have written fifteen books and four more containing articles I wrote and were published in newspapers. I don't try to publish all of them because I couldn't sell more than twenty or thirty. I am satisfied with giving a photocopy to my children and some friends".

  • Kallikrates, Sfakia, Crete - Invited to the blowout of the sheep's tonsure

    They helped him with the sheep's tonsure and he offers them a rich meal.

    A century ago, Kallikrates, a mountainous village in the Sfakia province, used to have 500 residents; today only seven people live there - the members of the breeder Manolis Manouselis's family. The only child of the village is his little son who goes to school in the nearby village called Myriokefalos.