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  • Ioannina Lake - Apocalypse

    69 limni ioanninon apokalypsi

  • Ioannina - The enchanting capital of Epirus

    An enchanting city spread along the banks of Pamvotida Lake. It is full of castles, monuments, traditional houses, and studios of silversmiths, goldsmiths and skilled woodcarvers. It has a strong artistic and spiritual character and houses an important university. It also has a booming nightlife, because of the thousands of university students. In the middle of Pamvotida lake, there is a small islet with few inhabitants that looks like something out of a painting. The city is full of trees and flowers. And the view from the nearby Mitsikeli Mountain is just breathtaking.

  • Island of Ioannina - Last ones and alone

    The Island of Ioannina looks like a painting on the waters of Pamvotida lake.

    "Back then there were no boots and raincoats; we used to wear an old woollen garment and go fishing. How the hell did we manage not to get rheumatism from the damp, I'll never know. You can't imagine how cold it was, we were using the oars to break the ice in the lake in order to pull the fish nets out. Nowadays there are icebreaking machines for this purpose".