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  • Mount Athos - First impression

    Docheiario Monastery. One of the most imposing buildings of Mount Athos.

    Every morning of every season, Ouranopolis port at Chalkidiki is crowded by men waiting for the ship that goes to Mount Athos. That's where the end of the "modern" world is; beyond this point there are no highways and no limos. Only narrow paths. The boat that leads to Daphne passes near desolate and peaceful coasts, like the ones that existed in the old times, without massive buildings and factory chimneys.

  • Mount Athos - A day in a monastery

    Vatopedi Abbey. Its beauty can't be disputed.

    Α day in Mount Athos begins and ends in the church. Monks move along like shadows in the dim light, singing hymns that have been perfected after years of repetition. In monasteries, monks work hard in order to exercise their faith, take care of the huge and old buildings but also to feed the thousands of visiting worshipers whilst always being available to listen to their pain or joy.

  • Mount Athos - Painful departure

    Zografu Abbey. Like a drawing near the sea.

    The boat returning from the Mount Athos glides in the sea like a sled on snow. Minute by minute the mountain is left behind, looking like like a step that unites heaven and earth. In the passengers' eyes, monasteries don't look like imposing and massive buildings anymore, but like calm shelters.

  • Mount Athos - The veil of truth

    Mount Athos - The veil of truth

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