Tag: Dodecanese

  • Kos Island - A natural paradise with a rich history

    An island with a rich history, untouched natural environment, vast beaches and great sights, such as the Asclepieion of Hippocrates and the Castle of Knights. Many animals roam free in the countryside and as a result the island offers a range of amazing meat and cheeses. The hotel infrastructure, the taverns and the entertainment venues are of a very high level.

  • Symi - Underwater for four minutes

    All houses are traditional and pastel-colored at Symi.

    In 1912, the Italian warship Regina Margerita reached Karpathos Island and released its anchor. However, the chain got loose fell into the sea along with the anchor.  The Italian admiral who was on the ship immediately asked for the help of the local people on the island.

  • Symi Island - The history of diving machines


    Sponge man in a diving suit connected to a diving machine (Folklore Museum of Symi).Around 1865-70 Fotis Mastoridis, a seaman from Symi aboard an English ship, saw how shipwrecks are pulled up from the bottom of the sea at the Cape of Good Hope. A diving machine used supplied air to the diving suit via a rubber tube. The machine was operated by two people, who rotated an iron wheel connected to a pneumatic drill. That was when the Greek seaman came up with the idea to use this machine to collect the sponges around the Island of Symi.

  • Symi Island - Photographs hanging on tenters

    Symi has about 3,000 listed and well-preserved houses.

    “I’ve been photographing people visiting the island for 44 years. Back in the old days no more than 10 tourists per day came from Rhodes to Symi. The last couple of years, however, thousands of them come to visit. They stay for an hour and they leave again by boat. I hurry up to have them photographed as soon as they reach the harbour and instantly print the photos. I place the photos on benches for them to see as they leave and buy them as souvenirs. I also get some help from my son Michalis, who is a photography school graduate. Since he was 8, he has been hanging pictures on tenters with me”.

  • Symi Island - Legendary fishing and mailing boats

    Symi is the most beautiful port of the Mediterranean, with a great tradition in the construction of fishing and mailing boats.

    "I once used to work as an engineer in a trader braccera of 150 tones. It was called "Saint Spyridon" and belonged to Dimitris Mpinotsis. It had a Greek "Axel" engine with power of 120 hp and we used to route Rhodes - Symi - Piraeus with eight miles per hour. It was a real wooden sea boat, thirty metres long".