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  • Alexandria, Egypt - Following Cavafy

    His home was as simple as his verses and his character.

    Constantine Cavafy was born in Alexandria in 1863 and his parents were of Constantinople descent. He was a cosmopolitan, since his family roots were spreading from Constantinople to Alexandria and from Trapezounta to London. He lived as an authentic Greek and as a world's civilian at the same time.

  • Alexandria, Egypt - Combining elegance and modesty

    The beautiful lady at the Alexandria library has the look of an Arab fashion mannequin.

  • Egypt - Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria

    The Alexandrian Patriarchate remains perfectly preserved.

    The Patriarchate of Alexandria has the whole Orthodox Christian population of Africa under its spiritual jurisdiction and is the second Orthodox patriarchate, according to the canonical order (after the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople). Its missionary work is in the depths of Africa is prominent, where theological guidance and charity work is continuously expanding and is increasingly embraced by the unfortunate continent.

  • Greek schools of Alexandria - Keeping Hellenism alive

    Very few students are left in each class, but the educational level still remains high.

    During the period of the Greek community's bloom in Alexandria many schools for the expatriated were built so that the educational needs of thousands of Greek children could be covered. Education was previously not limited in elementary schools and high schools, but it was extended in a higher level. Salvagios School of Commerce used to be in the building where the elementary school is being housed, which was a donation of Constantine Salvagos, the banker, and many recherché accountants who were never left without a job graduated from this school. In addition, the famous Zervoudakios Urban School, a donation of the banker George Zervoudakis, used to be in the building where the high school is now being housed.

  • Greek community of Alexandria - Ages of presence

    Salvagios Professional School of Alexandria.

    When Alexander the Great crossed the area of Alexandria in 332 B.C., he kneeled on the vast beach and carved on the sand the amphitheatrical shape of the future town, which would later become the capital of Egypt and would be named after him.