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  • Cairo - The crypt of the Holy Family


  • Cairo - Inspiring awe by its size and monuments

    A vast city of rare beauty and great social problems. At the bazaars, you get overwhelmed with colours and smells, while streets are overflowing with countless people and traffic chaos prevails. An awe-inspiring capital with enormous size and historical monuments of global value. A society of pious people, living a level-headed and dignified life.

  • Cairo - Khan El Khalil

    A young man in Cairo's Khan El Khalil is selling caramelised apples nailed on a straw. This bazaar never closes, not even at nights.

  • Cairo - Floating discotheques on the Nile

    They call people to go boating on the Nile and dance on the decks

    Every night people gather on the banks of the Nile for a walk. The place is especially crowded under the bridge, which is in front of the Hilton hotel and the archaeological museum. On the shores of the river there are many boats decorated with colorful lights, used as floating discotheques. Their owners call to the passers-by with loudspeakers, enticing them to take a musical boat ride. The boatmen’s voices mix with the Arabic music, creating an atmosphere of total cheerful chaos.

  • Greek schools of Cairo - The students are falling off

    Young students of the primary school at the central entrance.

    The blooming Greek community of Cairo, at the beginnings of the 19th century, was followed by the construction of many Greek schools, which were scattered all around the city and were attended by thousands of students. But the social rearrangements that took place during the 50's, when Egypt nationalized foreign companies, led to the beginning of the Greek community's decline and the decrease in the number of Greek students.