Tag: Katerini

  • Katerinoscala, Pieria - Pilot leader of the pack

    He owns 500 animals and birds and treats each one of them as a unique entity.

    "When my daughter got A in primary school I gave her a Cocker Spaniel as a reward. That was when my great love for animals was born. After a while I bought German Shepheard’s, Rottweilers, Labradors, Yorkshires, cats, hens, doves, gooses, peacocks. I also bought an estate so that they would have enough space to live”.

  • Paralia, Katerini - August full moon

    54 paralia katerinis panselinos tou augoustou

  • Katerini - Passion for pigeons

    A diver pigeon. When it grows up it will dive downwards from great heights, making a buzz.

    “When I was in primary school, I saw a neighbor training pigeons. He called them divers, because they used to fly very high and dive downwards. I liked the show and the buzz they made as they were heading down. A moment before they reached the pigeon house they opened their wings and slowed down. Some didn’t make it and got killed on the paved road”.

  • Katerini, Pieria - Abstract beauty

    43 paralia katerinis afairetiki omorfia

  • Lofos, Katerini - You never get enough of Olympus

    42 lofos katerinis den xortaineis na vlepeis ton olympo

  • Volunteer Action Team of Pieria - Evolving into a powerful movement

    Despite the fatigue due of distributing a hundred tons of potatoes, the team morale thrives.

    "We first thought of starting the Volunteer Team in 2007, after the summer fires in the Peloponnese. After a while we created a team of voluntary fire protection, to keep an eye on the forests and inform the Fire Department if we saw a fire. That's how our idea came to life and we decided to name it: I give my day to the forest".