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  • Kerkini Lake - Endless landscapes

    64 kerkini limni anexantlita topia

  • Kerkini Lake - A rare colony of Dalmatian Pelicans


    57 limni kerkini spania apoikia argyropelekanon

  • Kerkini Lake - A wildlife refuge

    The environmental “paradise” of the regional unit of Serres. The majority of the people living in the lakeside villages consider the protection of the wild birds and animals a personal affair. The development rhythm of the area is mild so as not to disturb the frail ecosystem. Cow and buffalo herds roam the lands around the lake. A boat-ride in the lake with a "plava" (a type of boat with a flat bottom) is a unique experience.

  • Kerkini lake - Carpet of water lilies

    Kerkini lake - Carpet of water lilies

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  • Kerkini lake - We all eat from the same plate

    He has been showing tourists the 'magic' of the lake for decades. His tours are like a rite of passage.

    "When I go fishing, pelicans are also fishing close to my boat. Once, I heard a strange noise and turned my head to see a peculiar image. A pelican was trying to swallow a fish, but it was big and the half of it was still hanging out of its beak. The tail looked about a foot long, so I deducted that it was a big fish. I jumped into the water, waded through the mud, grabbed the bird and pulled the fish out of its mouth. It was too much for the pelican, he couldn't swallow it. And I had needs... A couple of hours later, I sold the fish in the village and earned 3.500 drachmas. It was a good amount of money back then".