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  • Shipbuilding zone of Perama, Piraeus - Decline and abandonment

    In Perama, Piraeus, lies a degraded shipbuilding zone, home to a couple thousand workers. Their job is hard and perilous and as a result lives have been lost. The trade unions of the area are very powerful and they don't allow the slightest violation of labour legislation by the employers' side. They would rather starve to death than lose the rights they obtained after sacrifices. The shipbuilding zone of Perama is interesting only to photographers -a “grey” place of sunken faces and half-sunken hulls dying in the filthy waters.

  • Shipbuilding zone at Perama, Piraeus - Ships passing in the distance

    One of the very few big shipbuilding projects in progress.

    "Was it not for the protection of our trade unions, we would have surely died. Our job has nothing to do with being a civil servant. We dislike unions, like ADEDY, which opened their doors to the corrupt political parties and allowed them to destroy the labor movement".