Tag: Florina

  • Prespes Lakes - Magnificent though abandoned

    Beautiful lakes at high altitude and among high mountains.

    "It is easy to have a child, but it’s difficult to raise it here. When I was young I worked as a shepherd, then I was drawn to the sea and became a fisherman due to poverty. I raised my children with my one and only boat until they could leave and search for a better future elsewhere”.

  • Vidronisi, Small Prespa Lake - Inhabited only by birds

    A boat passing near Vidronisi agitated the birds.

    The residents of the villages around Prespes tell a story about the creation of the lakes. "Once upon a time, in the middle of the fields there was a big drinking fountain, from which people got the water for irrigation. One night someone forgot to switch it off and the water flooded the fields. That's how the lakes were created and they will never run dry because the fountain in the lake bed can't be turned off".