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  • Arachova, Boeotia - A high standard mountain resort

    A scenic town situated at an altitude of 970m on the slopes of Parnassos mountain. It’s not very far from Athens (180km) and is very close to the archaeological site of Delphi (12km) and the Parnassos Ski Resort (25km). It has excellent hotels, many of which seem to be hanging off the edge of the mountain. The scenery is magnificent and visitors seem to think they are on an airplane looking down. Cliffs and mountainous terrain all around and in the distance one can see the blue of the Corinthian gulf. An environment of absolute calm interrupted only by the distant sounds of sheep bells and axes chopping wood for fireplaces. At the local tavernas, visitors can taste local meat and cheeses as well as heavenly syrupy desserts, which they will never forget. The tourist infrastructures are plenty and of good quality and promise to satisfy the preferences of all visitors, regardless of age.

  • Parnassos Ski Resort - Passionate about skiing

    Greece offers extremely beautiful scenery, tropical beaches on one hand and high, snowy mountains on the other. Thousands of Greeks are passionate about gliding on the snow and, every chance they get, they go up to the mountains in order to confront the elements of nature. Parnassos Ski Resort is always a surprise for those who visit it for the first time. Huge installations that reach the altitude of 2,260m and giant lifts, which lead to 23 slopes totaling 34km. While gliding on the snow, skiers see amazing landscapes unfolding in front of their eyes, as if they were on a plane.

  • Parnassus- The world at your feet

    45 parnassos mpalkoni ston ourano