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Thermo, Aetoloakarnania - I was born in a gorge

Aetoloakarnania has many villages which are mostly almost deserted and abandoned.

"Why do you take pictures all the time, what is it that you like here? Do you like the mountains? Do you think that you'll never find these stones anywhere else? Why are you in a hurry, do you fear the wilderness? At least here if you shout, people on two mountains will hear you; in Athens nobody will hear you shouting if something happens to you".

Beside the riverHe was born in a house in the gorge.

Sotiris Cholevas from Thermo of Aetoloakarnania wondered why I was running up and down, with my camera in tow, and made fun of me in his own, unique way. He is one of the most lovable people the area because he tells amazing jokes that are intelligent and wise. He has the gift of always thinking positively and even describes the most difficult situations of his life in a funny and sarcastic way.

“In which village were you born?” I asked. "I wasn't born in a village, but in a remote house in a deep gorge beside Evinos River. I was privileged, for I lived and grew up with my seven brothers in the best 'playground' of the world. I never got sick. My parents spanked me at least three times a day because I kept jumping into the river. One winter, when I was one and a half years old, I jumped into the water and drifted 500 meters. I survived only because the cold took my breath away and I didn't swallow any water".

In order to go to school, Sotiris travelled a very long distance every day, in very rough terrains and under adverse weather conditions. "On the road to school, which was in Ano Chrysovitsa, I used to meet 25 children and we would walk the 15 kilometres together. Nothing could pass through this path, no school bus, not even a donkey. I had no shoes back then; I wore shoes for the first time when I went to the army".

Difficult times

Sotiris is a self-taught sculptor and loves nature. His home at Thermo of Aetoloakarnania is full of The central square of picturesque Thermo village. artistic objects and pots with beautiful flowers. His life is now comfortable, but he never forgets the poverty of his childhood.

"People were so poor, that they used to put ashes on their babies' skin instead of powder. They used to burn a piece of woollen fabric and when the embers cooled down they would grind it with their hands until it was turned to dust and then sprinkled it on the baby’s rash. In order to get rid of freckles and skin abnormalities on their hands and feet, they used to wash themselves with the water that was gathered in the plane tree cavities".

Even today the villages around Thermo are poor and if someone wants to visit them, they have to drive on a narrow road on the edge of the cliff. The roads of Aetoloakarnania and in general the mountains of western Greece, are narrow, sometimes unpaved with many turns.


He was spanked every day because he liked jumping into the cold waters of the Evinos River. He was spanked every day because he liked jumping into the cold waters of the Evinos River.



*Mandatory Fields


Dimitsana, Gortynia - A miracle on Mount Mainalon

Wherever one stands, he or she can see wild mountains and running water. In the morning, visitors are awoken by sheep bells and the sound of axes splitting wood in half.

Tripolis - They only dance next to the Greek flag

A team of devoted dancers, ceaselessly performing dances of the time when Kolokotronis lived and dancing strictly under the Greek flag.

Poros Island - Pine trees as far as the eye can see

Island of the Saronic Gulf full of pine trees, with traditional neoclassical houses and many easily accessible beaches.

Arachova, Boeotia - A high standard mountain resort

Amazing landscapes, very delicious local food and excellent tourist infrastructures that cater to the tastes of all visitors, regardless of age.

Art-Athina 2016 - A modern art feast

The International Contemporary Art Fair “21st Art Athina” kicked off on the 26th of May and ended on the 29th.

Athens- They are optimistic and are staying in Greece

Instead of leaving Greece in to work abroad they founded a business in their homeland. They are successful and they don’t wallow in self pity. It’s like they’re living in a different country and not crisis struck, depressed Greece.

Archaeological Museum in Nicosia - Cyprus’ indisputable Greek roo…

It houses exhibits through which the Greek roots of Cyprus magically unfold. Fortunately, it survived the Turkish invasion in 1974.

Dimitsana, Gortynia - Football on the slopes of Mainalon Mount

When a player made a hard misplaced kick towards the goal which was at the edge of the cliff, the ball fell into the abyss of the mountain and was lost forever.