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London - Photographing the newly married

A newlywed couple being photographed at Richmond Park.

On a hill in Richmond, a luxurious suburb of southwest London, many newlyweds gather every Sunday morning to get photographed. Their pictures aren’t only taken by professional photographers, but also by countless tourists passing by, who find the scenes rather picturesque. Richmond is a tourist magnet. Thousands of visitors flock there to see the famous park where deer run free.

Immortal English humor

Sometimes other newly married couples wait to be photographed and take photos together.When a bald groom saw flashes from the tourists’ cameras shining around him, he said jokingly: "My head shines a lot and may burn your film. If I made every photographer passing by pay me a two-pound fee I would be able to afford a hair transplant". His chubby bride, who found her husband’s joke very smart, burst out laughing and made the birds from the nearby trees flutter. 

All the guests at the wedding were speaking with a proper English accent and were abided by etiquette religiously. Women were wearing colourful, eccentric hats, men were wearing starched tuxedos and elaborate canes, their children looked like something out of a Harry Potter movie and the flower decorated Rolls Royce’s were sparkling after being excessively polished.

English-style through and through. It was an impressive scene for tourists from around the world -especially the Japanese, who were frantically taking photos of everything around them.

Although England is not far from Europe, the English Channel seems like an ocean. Its eccentric people have something that makes them quite different from the rest of the Europeans. Even in the space-age that we live in, English people stubbornly insist on preserving their phlegmatic values.


A bride arriving with her father. A bride arriving with her father.
Hat competition in the photographing area. Hat competition in the photographing area.
Newlyweds are often driven around in a Rolls Royce. Newlyweds are often driven around in a Rolls Royce.



*Mandatory Fields


Halki (Heybeliada) Theological School - Ready to operate

Even though has been closed for 46 whole years, since 1971, it is kept in perfect condition and is always ready for the great restart.

Syrrako, Ioannina - A pleasure for the eyes

Vlach village at the tops of Tzoumerka with a rich history and traditional houses of a unique architecture.

Dimitsana, Gortynia - Football on the slopes of Maenalus Mount

When a player made a hard misplaced kick towards the goal which was at the edge of the cliff, the ball fell into the abyss of the mountain and was lost forever.

Oia, Santorini Island - The worship of the sun

Every afternoon, crowds from every corner of the earth are gathered at Oia in order to enjoy the sunset in the Aegean sea.

Constantinople (Istanbul) - Zografeion Greek High School

The graduates of Zografeion are a Greek core of enormous cohesion that can never be broken. They withstand the persecutions, because they draw strength from one another.

Katerini - Passion for pigeons

He trains pigeons so they can fly 1,000 meters high and he gets sad when they are attacked by hawks. He feels sorry, but he can understand hawks need to survive too.

Alexandria, Egypt - Following Cavafy

Travelogue in Alexandria of Cavafy, at the places where this great Greek poet lived, created and died.

Ritsona, Euboea - The heart aches when you play the ney

He makes a reed musical instrument called the ney. The instrument produces a warm and hoarse sound. The ney has its roots in the Near East and gives Greek traditional music a special quality.