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Docklands, London - The kingdom of reflections

The heart of the building complex of the Docklands in London as it is being mirrored on the waters of the Thames River.

The overwhelming architecture of the London Docklands outshines the people and makes them seem tiny and even nonexistent. Despite the thousands of people moving and working between the glass buildings, the spaces look empty and there is a sense of solitude and desolation.

A spacey suburbIRA has exploded this symbol of British power twice.

In the Docklands, an area of Eastern London, companies of incalculable economical value are based. The glass buildings are reflected on the waters of Thames, giving an impression of the future and science fiction. Until the 50’s, the port facilities of London and the famous shipyards, with thousands of workers and whistling barges, would coexist.

Since the early days, the Docklands were a symbol of British power, that's why the Germans were fiercely bombing it for 57 days, in the beginning of World War II. During the premiership of Thatcher the shipyards were replaced with glass skyscrapers, which the Irish Republican Army blew up twice.

The Canary Wharf skyscraper has a height of 200 meters.The golden boys working in the area behave discreetly, they speak in low volumes, wear clothes of the same dark colors and constantly write on laptop computers. They look like small, stylish, genius and well-tuned existences. The relations among them seem configured, with sympathies and antipathies already clarified, and with their pockets full of money and their souls full of emotional indolence.

A heaven for photographers

The Docklands area is suitable for successful photographing, as long as the photographer has at least one powerful high definition wide lens and a polarizing filter that cuts off reflections. With the use of a tripod, daily crystal clear and fascinating night shots can be taken, given that the atmosphere is clear, a phenomenon not so usual in London.

The more frequent hazy days offer an atmospheric black and white photographing, with a concomitant use of suitable filters and image editing techniques to increase contrast. The metal and glass Canary Wharf skyscraper that is built on one narrow strip of land in the middle of the Thames cannot be excluded from the photographing process. Reaching a height of two hundred meters, it is the tallest building in Britain.

The buildings of the Docklands have a usable area of 2 million square-meters.The return to London from the Docklands is by the Light Train, which in actuality is a light train as it is called on elevated tracks. The ticket inspectors are typical young Englishmen, who wear earrings and sing old pop hits. In the near distance from the Docklands the scenery changes dramatically, since after the high metallic buildings, the low humble houses appear. Noisy people of all races in the world, wearing fancy clothes, enter the train.

A unique city

Countless people have been love struck by London, amongst them many photographers. In this amazing city, it can be raining one moment as if there was a cataclysm and after a few minutes the sun will be shining again. One can see totally powerful glass and metal banks with ambitious and introverted employees on one hand, and low uniform houses with poorer and more extroverted people on the other hand.


The rare light of London is of exceptional quality when the weather conditions allow it. The rare light of London is of exceptional quality when the weather conditions allow it.
Glaring flashes on the metallic buildings. Glaring flashes on the metallic buildings.



*Mandatory Fields


Gortynia, Arcadia - Alpic Winters

Winter is harsh in the villages of Arcadian Mount Mainalon. The dense forests of firs sigh by the weight of the snow and the sceneries are alpic. These villages during almost all winter are covered by deep clouds.

Tripolis - They only dance next to the Greek flag

A team of devoted dancers, ceaselessly performing dances of the time when Kolokotronis lived and dancing strictly under the Greek flag.

Kymi, Euboea - After a sudden bowline

Exciting landscapes with vertical coasts to the Aegean Sea, severe weather conditions, deep and spotless waters.

Santorini Island - Fertile volcanic soil

The volcanic soils of Santorini give a very good taste to all of its agricultural products.

Nicosia, Cyprus - A patisserie in the Dead Zone

In Nicosia, Cyprus there is a traditional patisserie next to the fortification sacks and barrels that separate the free from the occupied part of the city.

The Temple of Poseidon, Sounio - A background of endless blue

The view from the temple is breathtaking. From hear, Theseus began his journey to Crete in order to kill the Minotaur. From hear also, his father, Aegeus, fell to his death from the cliffs thinking his son had been killed. In honor of the fallen king the sea was named the Aegean.

Fragkocastelo, Chania, Crete - Legends and majestic beaches

It can't be farther south, in front of the Libyan Sea, with castles, legends and african type vast beaches.

Constantinople (Istanbul) - The Mass of Resurrection of Jesus at …

The Easter Eve Mass in the Greek Church of St. Mary of Blachernae is quite an authentic experience.