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Cairo - Floating discotheques on the Nile

They call people to go boating on the Nile and dance on the decks

Every night people gather on the banks of the Nile for a walk. The place is especially crowded under the bridge, which is in front of the Hilton hotel and the archaeological museum. On the shores of the river there are many boats decorated with colorful lights, used as floating discotheques. Their owners call to the passers-by with loudspeakers, enticing them to take a musical boat ride. The boatmen’s voices mix with the Arabic music, creating an atmosphere of total cheerful chaos.

Dancing on the deck

Not only young people, but whole families get into the boats and have fun.

Once a boat is full, it goes on a circular ride on the river, giving the passengers a chance to dance on the deck. Sometimes girls with turbans get up and dance, and this electrifies the atmosphere. Refreshments are also offered on the boat, but not alcoholic beverages.

The spectacle is amazing for those who are on the bridge of the Nile, watching it from above. The Arabic colors and sounds have a certain something that enchants the Greeks. We may belong to the west and depend on it, but our heart longs for these warm tints and eastern long lasting melodies. The Arabs sense this and therefore view us positively. Wherever you go and say that you are a Greek (Yunnan), all doors and hearts open at once.

Wandering until morning

After the boat ride, the walk beside the Nile begins. When you see the people and hear the loudspeakers and the crazy melodies from far away, it seems like you're watching angry protesters. Once you are near, you can see the crowds, and they are definitely not angry at all.

Everybody laughs and has fun by simple means, like it was in Greece decades ago. The peddlers selling corn, ice cream, horns and balloons are very popular. The fair lasts almost until morning, especially every Thursday, because Friday is a holiday for them.


You can be distracted on the banks of the Nile and there's the illusion that you are near the sea. You can be distracted on the banks of the Nile and there's the illusion that you are near the sea.
The Nile, as we see it from the bridge next to the archaeological museum. The Nile, as we see it from the bridge next to the archaeological museum.


*Mandatory Fields


Eleusis, Attica - Surprisingly attractive

It has been brazenly contaminated by industrial pollution, but it managed to survive and now it even looks attractive.

Athens - The brand new "Stavros Niarhos" Cultural Cente…

The "Stavros Niarhos" Cultural Center enchants numerous visitors. The "heart" of the center is the amazing building of architect Renzo Piano. The complex is surrounded by a huge garden and a water canal for sailboats.

Livadi, Elassona - Vlachic village at the slopes of Olympus

Tribe of highlander Greeks, who were latinised during the Roman Empire and speak a language similar to the Latin.

Nicosia, Cyprus - The last divided capital

A photo album of the Buffer Zone. Ghost homes, barbed wire, outposts and fortification. It’s like time stood still since 1974 and not even a day has gone by.

Oia, Santorini Island - A miracle of folk architecture

A village which is "nailed" upon the vertical rock of the volcano’s crater. The settlement is traditional and building arbitrariness is strictly forbidden.

Archaeological Museum in Nicosia - Cyprus’ indisputable Greek roo…

It houses exhibits through which the Greek roots of Cyprus magically unfold. Fortunately, it survived the Turkish invasion in 1974.

Halki (Heybeliada) Theological School - Ready to operate

Even though has been closed for 46 whole years, since 1971, it is kept in perfect condition and is always ready for the great restart.

Constantinople (Istanbul) - Zografeion Greek High School

The graduates of Zografeion are a Greek core of enormous cohesion that can never be broken. They withstand the persecutions, because they draw strength from one another.