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Alexandria, Egypt - Combining elegance and modesty

The beautiful lady at the Alexandria library has the look of an Arab fashion mannequin.


*Mandatory Fields


Mimis Domazos - Fuelling our dreams

"I used to think I would never stop playing football. Even as a player for Pan...

Chios Island - Mastic and beans

"Our trademark was created in 1863 and was named Apalarina, after the nickname...

Constantinople (Istanbul) - He reads books all the time

Vasilis Lamprianides is lives at the Baloukli Greek nursing home in Constantin...

Constantinople (Istanbul) - Baloukli Greek nursing home

Baloukli's Greek nursing home is situated beside the Greek hospital of Constan...

Leonidio, Kynouria, Arcadia - The oldest Greek shop

"My great-grandfather was traveling from Crete and because of the rough sea, t...

Raki (tsikoudia) - Cretan spirit

When you knock on someone's door in Crete a smiling face comes into sight sayi...

Estuary of Loudias river - Mussels with crumb

"Mussels are sensitive to temperature change. The heat kills them and the cold...

Constantinople (Istanbul) - Baloukli Greek hospital

The Greek hospital Baloukli in Constantinople was founded in 1753 and has 800 ...

Ostrakina, Arcadia - I was born in the snow

"My father is passionate about mountains and snow. Since I was a forty day-old...

Lagadia, Gortynia - Carving maple

"I have been carving wood ever since I was a boy. What designs do I make? What...