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  • Dimitsana, Gortynia - Football on the slopes of Mainalon Mount

     At an altitude of 1,000 meters the players and coaches' voices echoed on the mountains.

    When we left Dimitsana, a village in the municipality of Gortynia, on the road for Stemnitsa, we saw the village's football field. There was a football match taking place between two amateur teams “Athletic Union” of Dimitsana (red shirts) and “Glory” of Tripolis.

  • Mimis Domazos - Fuelling our dreams

    Typical confrontation in the court.

    "I used to think I would never stop playing football. Even as a player for Panathinaikos I used to play in the streets every morning and in the championship court in the evenings. My mind used to get more tired than my feet did. I had to be skilful, pass to Antoniadis, and avoid the strikes. When I returned home after the match I had to be left alone for about an hour, so that my mind could get some rest".

  • Vrilissia, Athens - Dancing with the ball

    Vrilissia of Attica - Dancing with the ball

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