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  • Italy - New Year's Eve in Trieste

    An exemplary Italian city with excellent organization. Greeks have a special reason to love it because there lives a historic Greek community. On Christmas and New Year's Eve, the city is adorned and literally shines. UNITA's central square, one of the most beautiful European squares, looks like a fairytale during the days of the celebrations.

  • Trieste - The charm of the Italian North

    18 tergesti i goiteia tou italikou vorra

  • Christmas in beautiful Trieste


  • Venice - Actual maze

    The houses in Venice are very close to each other. When you see the city from above you feel like you are transported to the past.

  • Venice - The Byzantine treasures of Saint Marcus

    The four authentic gilded horses decorating Constantinople's race circus."Put the camera down immediately because it is forbidden in this place". The guard's tone didn't take any objections. A few hours ago, when we were among tourists from all over the world at the ground floor of Saint Marcus's temple in Venice, no one prevented us from taking pictures of the place. When we got on the balcony, though, where pieces of art that had been snatched from Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1204 were being kept, after its conquest by the crusaders, we were almost treated as criminals.

  • Greek community of Venice - From the 10th century until today

    The Greeks of Venice fought for ages until they were allowed to build the church of Saint George.

    Two blocks away from the popular Saint Mark's square in the centre of Venice, there is the canal of the Greeks (Rio dei Greci), which delimits the homonymous islet (Campo dei Greci). This islet is where thousands of Greek immigrants from Greece and fugitives from the fallen Constantinople (Istanbul) have lived, succeeded and produced a priceless spiritual work for ages.

  • Venice at night - Like a noble theatre’s scenery

    At nighttime in Venice, you get the metaphysical sense that time has stopped. It feels like being emerged in the scenery of an immense noble theatre, where a never ending and everlasting play is being performed.

  • Trieste, Italy - Epiphany with the Greek community

    After the dive in the frozen waters, a great moral reward awaits the swimmer. (Photos: Greek Institution of Culture of Italy)

    Every year, the Greek Community of Trieste celebrates the Epiphany in great splendor. In the morning, the Greeks gather at the church of Saint Nicholas, which is on the coastal avenue, in order to watch the liturgy. Then they walk together to the port's pier, where they throw the cross in the sea and bless the waters.

  • Trieste, Italy - Misty scenery

    The weather is humid and foggy in Trieste. The landscape on winter nights is atmospheric, for some maybe a little depressing.

  • Venice - Greek Institute of Byzantine studies

    The Flangini Hall of the Greek Institute of Venice.

    "The greatest satisfaction for me here in Venice is when I see the joy on young scholars' faces, every time they discover files related to the historical course of Hellenism in the Institute's libraries".

  • Trieste, Italy - He adores Pericles and roast lamb on the spit

    From a village of Crete to multinational Trieste.

    Myron Lagouvardos, from the village Apostoloi in Rethymnon, studied pharmaceutics in Trieste but preferred to permanently live there, because he was charmed by its beauty and multicultural character. He never thought he was going to like being a pharmacist. He preferred to open what was to be a marvellous Cretan restaurant. Many of his cooking ingredients come directly from Crete and they are very popular to his customers, many of whom are famous Italian politicians and artists.