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Cairo - The crypt of the Holy Family


In the center of Cairo there is an area guarded by troops, which is called "Old Cairo" (Misr el Kadima) and it is Egypt's Christian bastion. There are many historical Christian churches in this area, the oldest of which is the Saints Sergius and Bacchus church. There is a cave in the basement of this church, which is called the Family Crypt. According to a very widespread belief in Egypt, Joseph, Mary and newborn Jesus were hidden in this cave, in order to save the Divine Infant from the massacre of the innocents ordered by Herod.

02Paramount pilgrimage

It is a place of utmost sanctity and therefore is very difficult for someone to enter. A chaperone is required and the visitor must wear modest clothes and remove his shoes.
The Christians of Egypt passionately protect their sacred pilgrimages, within an unpredictable Islamic environment.

Our Greek origin became once more the passport of our entry for a religious pilgrimage in Egypt, not only Christian but Islamic too, as Muslim Egyptians like the Greeks very much.

The church is dedicated to Saint Sergius and Saint Bacchus, two Syrian soldiers of the Roman army, who martyred for their faith during the 4th century.
It is the oldest building of "Coptic Cairo", as "Old Cairo" is also known, and its foundation dates back to the 7th century.

The church is a basilica and it has been reconstructed several times, while the current building dates back to the 11th century.

The icons on the church's walls are from the 13th century, as is its woodcut temple. Signs hang on its columns with the phrase "Christ is Risen" written in Greek.

Around the church Saint Sergius and Saint Bacchus there are underground passages and narrow alleys, leading to churches, cemeteries and Roman forts.
It is a world old labyrinth making Cairo, this vast, unforgettable and exciting city, look even more imposing.














*Mandatory Fields


Evros river - An islet shared by three countries

The image of the armoured soldiers into the islet's voluminous vegetation is impressive. They jokingly tell each other: "Let's go on patrol in Vietnam".

Oia, Santorini Island - A miracle of folk architecture

A village which is "nailed" upon the vertical rock of the volcano’s crater. The settlement is traditional and building arbitrariness is strictly forbidden.

Constantinople (Istanbul) 1453 - The last moments of the Emperor

A blow by blow account of the last moments of Costantine Palaiologos, the last reigning Byzantine emperor, at the Gate of Romanos. The breathtaking story, told through pictures taken at place he martyred, brings pain to the Greek people.

Parnassos Ski Resort - Passionate about skiing

Huge installations that reach the altitude of 2,260m and giant lifts, which lead to 23 slopes totaling 34km.

Nicosia, Cyprus - A patisserie in the Dead Zone

In Nicosia, Cyprus there is a traditional patisserie next to the fortification sacks and barrels that separate the free from the occupied part of the city.

Mystras - The last cradle of the Byzantine Empire

A photo tour of the Castle Town of Mystras, the last Byzantine Emperor’s fatherland and an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lavrio, Attica - An endless art studio

After Lavrio was de-industrialized, the factories were left abandoned. However, this picture of destruction, created over time, is unexpectedly attractive.

Constantinople (Istanbul) - Zografeion Greek High School

The graduates of Zografeion are a Greek core of enormous cohesion that can never be broken. They withstand the persecutions, because they draw strength from one another.