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France - Like paintings

Crossing France in the spring and summer one can see vast fields overwhelmed by enchanting colours.


*Mandatory Fields


Kouroutes, Amari, Crete - I stayed here to be a blacksmith

If you stop to ask for directions formation when passing through a village of ...

Crete - Sheep shearing

In Crete’s "economy of the mountains", sheep shearing and wool productio...

Messenichola, Karditsa - No income, just to pass the time

"I make raki* of 19 degrees by boiling it twice. It is strong and doesn't get ...

Constantinople (Istanbul) - My friend Kismet

"From the first time we met they were very friendly to me, as if they had know...

Athens - Travelogue from the square of the indignant Greeks

The indignant Greeks of Syntagma square in Athens are divided into two categorie...

Mimis Domazos - Fuelling our dreams

"I used to think I would never stop playing football. Even as a player for Pan...

Symi Island - Legendary fishing and mailing boats

"I once used to work as an engineer in a trader braccera of 150 tones. It was ...

Syros Island - Delights in joy and sorrow

“Every morning Mr. Stavros used to come to our shop around the time when...

Chios Island - Jars and cauldrons

Women are gathered in a warehouse at St. George Sykousis in Chios and are pluc...