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Brighton, England - Deep haze

It is two o'clock at noon and it's already dark in Brighton of England. The humidity and the cold of the winter pierce the bones, while the waves sound unworldly and threatening.


*Mandatory Fields


Magouliana, Gortynia - An enormous plane tree in the center

"I returned to Magouliana after many years of emigration in America. I am a ni...

Greek schools of Cairo - The students are falling off

The blooming Greek community of Cairo, at the beginnings of the 19th century, ...

Kynouria, Arcadia - The Dorians still exist

"What are these people saying, dad? I don't understand them". "They are T...

Mount Athos - First impression

Every morning of every season, Ouranopolis port at Chalkidiki is crowded by me...

Santorini Island - A feast at the edge of the crater

After each big wave, the passengers on the boat shouted: "Well done captain, m...

Elati, Gortynia - Enchanted by the mountain

"I studied economics and my dream was to work with agricultural associations, ...

Constantinople (Istanbul) - Pages of Hellenism

Eighty six years have passed since the Greek daily newspaper "Evening Post" wa...

Syrrako, Ioannina - The last shepherd

"I don't even have the time to go to Ioannina for a coffee. I'm occupied with ...

Constantinople (Istanbul) 29th of May 1453 - The service never fi…

In the awful morning of the 29th of May 1453 Hagia Sophia was crowded with wom...