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Lycabettus, Athens - Red colour’s revolution

The spectators' look is being vibrated all around the frame, without settling down somewhere.

If someone goes to Lycabettus right after the sunset, he'll be surprised by the pictures he will see. As darkness spreads the impersonal buildings of Athens disappear and the eye goes up to the sky which is set on fire by the colours. The only human creation one can see there is the silhouette of Acropolis.

The sky in the foreground

There is no man in the world who hasn't loved the dusk with its warm colours. At those moments the eye is being captured by the abundant red colour that fills the sky
Acropolis with Saronic Bay in the background.and breaks the rules of chromatic harmony. In every image, there is always something in the foreground that captures the spectator’s eye and the sky is the background that absorbs the look like a thick carpet.

Right after the sunset in the horizon, the picture's main subject is fading and the sky comes in the foreground. During the few minutes remaining until the darkness completely falls, the conventional aesthetics is being reversed and the human look is being vibrated around the whole frame, without settling down somewhere.

At those moments the viewers can be easily subjected and, regardless their age, they feel like children who look for a warm embrace to bask in. This brief coordination between the eye and the celestial firmament is like an explosive love, offering strong thrill that's not going to last, that someone can't get enough of, no matter how many times it happens to him.


Athens is burdened with a lot of concrete in some of its downtown areas. Athens is burdened with a lot of concrete in some of its downtown areas.


*Mandatory Fields


Santorini Island - A feast at the edge of the crater

In the cleft of the rock, which looms threateningly above, and under unbearable heat, the faithful Christians sing and dance nonstop for 24 hours.

Ritsona, Euboea - The heart aches when you play the ney

He makes a reed musical instrument called the ney. The instrument produces a warm and hoarse sound. The ney has its roots in the Near East and gives Greek traditional music a special quality.

Syrrako, Ioannina - A pleasure for the eyes

Vlach village at the tops of Tzoumerka with a rich history and traditional houses of a unique architecture.

Katerinoscala, Pieria - Pilot leader of the pack

He owns a farm with 500 happy animals and birds. Their hearts are grateful to him and they love him dearly. He is a special kind of "king".

Santorini Island - Fertile volcanic soil

The volcanic soils of Santorini give a very good taste to all of its agricultural products.

Constantinople (Istanbul) - Pilgrimage in seven Greek Orthodox ep…

Every Holy Friday the Greeks of Constantinople observe the custom of worshiping the seven epitaphs.

Evros river - An islet shared by three countries

The image of the armoured soldiers into the islet's voluminous vegetation is impressive. They jokingly tell each other: "Let's go on patrol in Vietnam".

Art-Athina 2016 - A modern art feast

The International Contemporary Art Fair “21st Art Athina” kicked off on the 26th of May and ended on the 29th.